Extend my móbile

I cannot extend the kelpr wallet with the celestia network through my mobile. can you help me

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The extension for mobile is an important issue, in the community there are many people with low resources who have great talents and the ability to move through their only access, which is the mobile. I hope the team takes this extension part into account in order to add the celestia network to the kelpr portfolio. to enter the ecosystem that attracts more adoption of the project. Thank you very much, Celestia.


Hi! Thank you for bringing up the importance of mobile accessibility and its impact on adoption in the community. Mobile devices have become a crucial gateway to the online world for many people. Recognizing this, it’s vital for projects like Celestia to consider mobile extension options in order to attract a broader user base and promote adoption. I use keplr from my PC so can’t help.

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Hey Yorman, when it comes to the mobile app, their team must manually add the new networks via app upgrades. It also appears that testnet networks are not currently supported, so this will be possible once Celestia launches its mainnet.