Foundation Delegation Cohort 1 is live

The Celestia Foundation has concluded the Foundation Delegation program for Cohort 1.

You can find the list of validators receiving delegations in the spreadsheet.

As a reminder, Cohort 1 has three Placements, divided into First Place, Second Place, and Third Place per the “Key Points” section of the Validation Program. Validators receiving delegation are advised to check which place they’re in, which will inform them how long they will receive delegation before they are subject to a renewal. When new cohort applications open up, existing validators up for renewal are invited to reapply, and new validator applicants will also have an opportunity to submit their applications.

Cohort 2 applications will open up on June 1st, 2024.

Currently, many validators are running their infrastructure on OVH and Hetzner, so ideally those validators can migrate to other data centers and infrastructure providers.

For the next Cohort, the Foundation will reject any applicants who run their infrastructure on OVH or Hetzner. Furthermore, any new validator who wishes to apply to Cohort 2 is advised to start running their validator node and bridge node on Mocha testnet ahead of applications opening on June 1st. The community managers on the Celestia Discord are happy to help get you to the active set on Mocha testnet. This ensures uptime performance can be measured prior to applications opening.

Thank you to everyone who applied, and we look forward to seeing new applicants for Cohort 2. We also wanted to thank @Yazanator and the whole P-OPS team for doing a lot of the heavy lifting that made the delegation program possible.

Thank you for keeping the Celestia network secure and resilient.

The Celestia Foundation.


Thank you for the informational post. About the infrastructure on OVH/Hetzner we are currently running Mocha on Hetzner, but our mainnet nodes in our own co-located rack. Would this also count as a rejection?

Last I checked, co-location at Hetzner is not subject to their anti crypto ToS.

I don’t know why is OVH red zoned, though.

While Hetzner explicitly said that they won’t allow any blockchain usage of their server, OVH didn’t. Furthermore, OVH has datacenters around the world: instead of rejecting all OVHs, “maybe” it makes more sense to reject only OVH servers in Europe (which are the most)

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Hi guys thank you for the information provided here. I have a couple of questions regarding this.

  1. Does it mean that if validator has been chosen in Cohort 1 (first place) he could submit his new application for FDP only in Cohort 4 and all other submissions before (in Cohort 2, 3) will be automatically rejected?
  2. Also interested in point regarding infra. Do you take in account what ISP/country is using for Mocha testnet?
  3. Regarding archival/RPC nodes, do you also pay attention there are validators running it?

Thanks in advance.

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IIRC OVHCloud has an outsized presence on Celestia; it’s not for fear of being kicked off, but to reduce the dependence on them.


OVH stability, security are very good in the Cloud, and they do not restrict crypto nodes.
There is no reason to exclude them.