Foundation Delegation Program Cohort 2 is open

The Foundation Delegation Program for Cohort 2 is now open. If you are currently receiving delegations as part of Cohort 1 and are in Third Place as found in the spreadsheet here, you must reapply to Cohort 2 to be reconsidered for delegation.

For all new validator applicants, you can proceed with the application form. Upon selection, new validator applicants must go through the KYC process.

All applicants, whether renewing their application or applying for the first time, must apply on the form found here.

Cohort 2 has 15 seats up for delegation. Upon delegation, Cohort 2 will receive delegation for 12 months as long as they follow the Foundation Voting guidelines.

For all new and existing validators applying to Cohort 2, please follow the application information found in the docs here.

The Celestia Foundation


Thank you team! Lucky Research will apply for Cohort 2!

Stake Capital is delighted to apply for the Celestia Foundation Delegation Program for Cohort 2 !

We would be glad if you would consider our team in the delegation program cohort-2.

STAKEME Validator