STAKEME team tooling

Hello Celestia team!
We’d like to tell a little bit about our team, and the products we developing for Celestia.

STAKEME team helps web 3.0 projects to test their product, increase the number of participants in the tesnet, and provide the most efficient development support with dedicated tools. Stakeme are also reliable validator, we provide RPC, snapshots, and useful utilities. We have developed a multichain faucet that is adapted to high loads, and also a self-written explorer. We have extensive experience in developing for various networks, and also have a great community with discord 120K users.

Celestia faucet:

  • Faucetme consistently 2k visits per day and the faucet is used by more than 150 people per day.
  • Improved performance. Thanks to the refactoring the main part of the backend, we speed up the issuance of tokens a few seconds faster. We also use separate RPCs and if one is unacceptable, we will immediately switch to another, that will reduce faucet downtime to a minimum.
  • Support. The community asks questions about problems with sending a transaction (most often they have problems with RPC), we help to choose the appropriate RPC to successfully interact with the blockchain. We also answer questions related to our faucet.
  • Low error rate. We analyze our requests using Grafana and according to our metrics, the failure rate of execution errors is very small, there are practically none.

Celestia explorer:

Main advantages:

  • Great design, user-friendly interface;
  • Relational database to store large amounts of data and deliver data to users faster. For accelerated indexing we used queuing method (indexing blocks by chunks) and managed to index more than 100-150 blocks per second;
  • Accelerated transaction retrieval on wallets;
  • Added a sender for each transaction;
  • Added to the footer the ability to add Celestia network to Metamask, Kepler wallet.
  • Added the ability to Delegate/Vote directly through our Explorer;
  • Added more metrics to our Grafana;
  • Validator uptime is calculated per window instead of per last 10k;

All our services up and running:


DA Bridge: 12D3KooWDi3KsQk6wHCHSDs126MPnbBSSKxruMaKGvZKALM2LzKC
DA Bridge IP:
Location: Russian Federation (RU) [Reg.Ru-B2C] Moscow

:green_circle: RPC:
:green_circle: REST API:
:green_circle: Faucet:
:green_circle: Explorer:



DA Bridge: 12D3KooWHw8pf1GbF56ssTijQQwvrj6k14pLDQmPQPuMUXNGfvaK
DA Bridge IP:
Location: Russian Federation (RU) [Reg.Ru-B2C]

:green_circle: RPC:
:green_circle: REST API:
:green_circle: Explorer:

There’s also now Grafana: