`Looking for an opportunity to work with Celestia

Looking forward to work with Celestia thru learning of Coding (Java , Java Scripts, C++ , Solidity , Rust Python etc ) and applying learning in works, Would be great to provide me an opportunity to learn and earn for first 6 months with small assignment, Hence, in a span of a year i will be able to take specification for development thru relevant programming languages for building block chain. I am also black belt certified , lean Black belt certified , Agile certified etc. I am looking forward to associate with Celestia for life

Please help, advise and Guide .

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Hey there, and thank you for your interest! Celestia manages all job openings through a dedicated hiring portal, where you can search for and apply for suitable positions.

:briefcase: https://celestia.org/careers/

In addition to that, Celestia also offers a great way for newcomers to get involved. There are a number of good first issues on GitHub where you can contribute to the codebase and collaborate with the core team.

Good first issues :point_down:
Celestia App
Celestia Node