Meet Staker Space: Your Dedicated Node-Operators on Celestia

Hi Celestia Community,

We’re excited to introduce ourselves, the team behind Staker Space, and share our journey and mission with you.

Who We Are:

We are a duo of full-time node-operators, passionately committed to supporting various blockchains, including Polkadot, Solana, Ethereum, Mina and now, Celestia. Our dedication lies in operating infrastructure and consensus nodes, with an active presence on several significant chains.

Our Journey and Achievements:

Our journey began with a vision to contribute to stake decentralization in PoS systems in late 2018. Though initially not our area of expertise, we quickly adapted and excelled.What we’re most proud of is our clean track record – no security incidents like breaches, slashes or double-signing. We have a high uptime on all networks. That’s how we know we’re doing things right.

The block space-race was another highlight for us. It wasn’t just a competition; it opened doors for us to be part of the mainnet, a real milestone. We see it as the beginning of an exciting path, one where we can grow and contribute to the community.

How We Operate:

  • Self-Stake Commitment: A large portion of our earnings, airdrops, and acquisitions are reinvested into the networks we support.

  • Infrastructure: Our servers are housed in secure, trusted data centers in the Netherlands, with a focus on quality hardware and redundancy for quick recovery during failures.

  • Monitoring and Alerting: Continuous monitoring is key to our operation, ensuring maximum efficiency and uptime.

For Celestia:

Our aim is to sustain ourselves through only the commission while reinvesting the majority of our stake earnings back into the network. This includes that we have fully bonded our blockspace race earnings to our validator.

Our Goals:

  • Earn recognition as reliable node operators.
  • Maintain business stability for continuous support.
  • Balance fair commission rates with high-quality service.
  • Invest in owning more hardware for better decentralized node maintenance.
  • Increase our share in block production for a more decentralized stake, which is currently 0,11%

Our Current Setup:

  • 2 Consensus Nodes ( production and redunant)
  • 1 Bridge Node
  • 2 Light Nodes

We’re here because we want to see the Celestia project succeed and want to make a meaningful contribution, not just grow our own operation. Your trust in delegating to us, or any other dedicated community member, really makes a difference in achieving this.

If you’ve got any questions or just want to chat about the project, feel free to reach out. We’re keen on keeping things open and straightforward.

:vulcan_salute: Ilhan from Staker Space

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