Some Problems in Understanding in Celestia

Hi, Everybody! I am researching Celestia, reading their Blog and there are some misunderstands for me. Hope you guys can explain it:

  1. When I read “Rollups as Sovereign Chains”, they have mentioned about " enshrined settlement layer". What does it mean? I can not get it.

  2. I have a confuse about the difference between Execution-layer (in the Celestia Docs) and Execution chain (Settlement layers in the modular stack - #3 by Kartik). Can somebody explain it more details for me, please?

Thank you in advance!


Have the same questions

By “enshrined settlement layer” I believe the phrase is referring to using another blockchain as a settlement layer that verifies the rollups’ transactions. For example, Arbitrum and Optimism use Ethereum as a settlement layer (or “enshrined settlement layer” in the context of the question).

An execution layer is a blockchain that hosts applications (like those written using smart contracts). An execution chain is just referring to a chain that can execute transactions and smart contracts. In the context of the settlement layer blog post linked, it’s just saying a modular settlement layer has execution.