Project Ideas for the Infinite Space Bazaar

Hey! Since I’ve received some requests for project ideas, I figured I might as well put up a list in public. Here are some ideas that may be fun to try:


  • Figure out some way to ZK-prove the Celestia L1 state machine
  • Create a mobile app for the light node + wallet
  • Create an interactive data visualizer for Celestia or a rollup

Sovereign Rollups:

  • Create a Liquity-style stablecoin (or any other DeFi primitive), with off-chain governance, as a sovereign rollup
  • Based rollup with a built-in oracle
  • Make a rollup with a user-facing app (payments, defi, game, NFT) using Cosmos-SDK (Golang)
  • Create your own rollup chain using a custom state machine, with TowerABCI (Rust)
  • Become an early adopter of Sovereign-SDK, use it to make a chain!
  • Create a ZK-provable state machine using TowerABCI, Rust, and either SP1 or RiscZero
  • Create a based (zk?) rollup from this spec Leaderless Sovereign Roll-Up
  • Wrap the Solana Virtual Machine in ABCI
  • Make a frankenstein EVM with shards, parallelism, or other funky features
  • Make any kind of weird new state machine

L2 integrations

  • Use the SVM Groth16 verifier from Light Protocol or OtterCash to launch BlobstreamX on Solana
  • Fork bitcoin and add a ZK_VERIFY opcode, to demonstrate what’s possible :face_holding_back_tears: